Student Staff Positions

  1. Tutor:
    • Work with students 1-on-1 to help them understand course material
    • Appointment depends on student interest (i.e., you will be assigned based on what our students need)
    • Courses include (depending on interest) : Math 115, 220, 221, 231, 241,285/286; Phys 211, 212; and possibly other classes such as TAM 211, IE 300, ME 300
    • Time commitment per week: ~5-6 hrs/wk
  1. MEP mentoring class:
    • Assist Dean Favila with the ENG 199 MEP mentoring sections by providing feedback for homework regarding academic and other campus adjustment (two sections: MEP students in engineering and DGS (and other) students interested in transferring to engineering)
    • Time commitment per week: review homework (2-3 hrs), feedback mtgs (1 hr), class attendance/prep (1-3 hrs) => ~5-6 hrs/wk
  1. Student Recruiting Committee:
    • Participate in on-campus recruitment events targeting prospective engineering students
    • Outreach to prospective, admitted, and incoming MEP students
    • Time commitment per week: flexible but “seasonal” in nature depending on activity. Minimum => ~3 hrs/wk
  1. EMBARK Volunteers:
    • Serve as a Student Mentor and assist with the design project, show students around, etc.
    • Expected to commit to entire program (Sunday, August 20th to Tuesday, August 22)
  1. MEP Intern:
    • Serve as Administrative Support and assist MEP staff with our signature activities such as SOS, banquet, and other activities
  1. Webmaster:
    • Utilize WordPress to design, code and modify the MEP website, from layout to function
    • Strive to create visually appealing pages that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation
    • Enhance MEP Social Media Presence including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Promote MEP for recruitment to current students and alumni via social media, newsletters, and MEP homepage