Student Highlights

We celebrate the success of MEP students. Take a look at some of our student highlights.

May 2018
Miguel Angel Fernandez
Systems Engineering, Class of 2019

Miguel is a senior is Systems Engineering with a concentration in Renewable Energy. Miguel has recently won SHPE member of the year two years in a row due to his passion for the organization. He has been a big help on SHPE’s External Committee over the years and has shown support for his peers. This summer, Miguel is interning at Sunstar America in their IT department. In his spare time, you can catch Miguel writing short stories or in the NSBE/SHPE office studying. Before becoming a Systems Engineer at Illinois Miguel wanted to be a train conductor, then switched interests to astronomy, architecture, and later Civil Engineering before landing in his current major.


Previously Highlighted Students

February 2018
Caleb McEwen
Electrical Engineering, Class of 2019

Caleb is a junior studying Electrical Engineering. He is heavily involved on campus this year, as he serves as NSBE’s Senator, NOBCCHE’s External Secretary, and as a member of MEP’s Recruitment Committee. Caleb has gone beyond his call of duty, as he has taken time out of his day to help members understand topics in introductory engineering courses, such as CS101. Some of his long term goals include: earning a graduate degree and  becoming a technical leader in a company’s research and development department or a researcher at a university. Outside of academics and his campus involvement, Caleb loves watching movies and listening to music. He enjoyed watching Black Panther opening weekend and suggests that everyone should see the film.


October 2017
Eliza Danielle Wright
Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering, Class of 2020

Meet Eliza: a sophomore in NPRE. She is very involved on campus in various RSO’s and groups. Her roles include serving as the Programs Chair for NSBE, co-founder of Women in Nuclear, advisor of the Diversity Inclusion Initiative of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, and consultant for Illinois Business Consultants. Since she is so involved on campus, she has a goal for this year to make a significant impact in all the RSOs that she is involved in this year. Not to mention that she is currently doing research on plasma and material interactions. When discussing MEP, she went on to say that MEP has provided many opportunities to her and connected her with many people, including upperclassmen and alumni. From these interactions, she learned that she can be a consultant for Accenture in the future. If you see her around, feel free to say hello, especially if you want to talk about her favorite movie: The Emperor’s New Groove.


January 2017
Karla Rivero Valles
Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Karla is a junior in Mechanical Engineering pursuing a Hoeft Technology and Management minor. She is very active on campus and has been a part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) in the High School Outreach and Corporate Relations committees and was in charge of SHPE’s Regional Conference in April. This year, she serves as chapter president of SHPE and was an ENG 100 Engineering Learning Assistant. Karla plans on becoming more involved with the Society of Women Engineers and Women in MechSE this year.


November 2016ramon
Ramon Zarate
Electrical Engineering, Class of 2018

Ramon is a junior in Electrical Engineering, a James Scholar, and the first in his family to attend college. He is interestedin a career within the integrated circuit or semiconductor field. As an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), he has participated in and led the High School Outreach Committee since his freshman year and currently serves as the chapter’s treasurer. Ramon works for MEP as a Teaching Assistant for the Mentoring Class with Dean Favila and is also a National Action Council for Minority Engineers (NACME) Scholar Ambassador for MEP.

Kyra Grant, Industrial Engineering Class of 2016

October 2016
Kyra Grant
Industrial Engineering, Class of 2016

While acquiring her degree in Industrial Engineering, Kyra was able to provide unique and distinguishable marketing materials for MEP.





July 2016
Denzel McCauley
Civil Engineering, Class of 2018