SOS Retreat

This year’s SOS will be held at Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois (approximately 35 minutes from campus). Students travel by bus from campus to Allerton Park and stay overnight in the lodging facilities at the park. For more information, contact:


How to Participate

  • Students: Sign up here and see Monica Hill in 206 Engineering Hall to pay your $5 refundable registration fee.
  • Alumni: As always, we are asking you to volunteer to facilitate workshops, participate in panel discussion, and be available to work with students. Sign up here if you are interested in facilitating a workshop or if you plan to attend.
  • Also, please forward this information on to anyone in your Illinois alumni network that you think may be interested.

Overnight Accommodations

  • Students: There is no need to make a specific overnight reservation. By signing up, you have already made your overnight reservation. Lodging is on-site at Allerton Park.
  • Alumni: MEP will be covering accommodations for those who register by the deadline.
  • For further details, please contact MEP staff at (217) 244-3815 or

Agenda and Workshop Schedules

  • Day One
    • Alumni arrival and check-in (4pm)
    • Student arrival and check-in (5:30pm)
    • Opening Session and Agenda Review
    • Workshops and Activities
    • Networking Session (Midnight)
  • Day Two
    • Continue Workshops
    • Check-out (11:30am-1:00pm)
    • Wrap-up and MEP commitment
    • Closing session

Past SOS Retreats

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