Signature Activities


EMBARK gives students entering engineering a chance to come to campus a few days early to get a head start acclimating to campus before the traditional University move-in date. During EMBARK, students have the opportunity to meet other incoming engineering students, make connections with advisors, have lunch with departmental contacts, and participate in social events.

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System of Success (SOS) Retreat

SOS is an overnight retreat for the aspiring engineer. Workshops include topics of communication, entrepreneurship, time management, interviewing skills, team building, campus involvement, alternative careers, and résumé writing.  SOS is supported by corporate friends and alumni of MEP.  Typically, 40-50 students and up to 20 alumni attend.  Alumni coordinate the event and arrange several workshops in which students participate.  This retreat helps students and alumni network, share stories, and create mentoring-type relationships.

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Facilitated Study Groups

MEP highly encourages students to work together. Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs) allow students to carry open discussions about class topics in a safe and productive environment. Peer leaders direct the discussions so that each member benefits from the discussion. FSGs are organized for most introductory math, physics, and ECE classes.

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Annual Awards Banquet

MEP recognizes and celebrates the progress and accomplishments of students during the annual MEP Awards Banquet.

Mentoring Classes

Mentoring classes give students opportunities to build community, receive guidance, and have access to resources. These classes are geared toward professional preparation, professional interests, and academic adjustment. These courses are offered during the Fall semesters. There is a section for MEP freshmen in their first year as well as a special section for students interested in transferring to an engineering major.