Mentoring Course for MEP Freshmen

The MEP Mentoring Class for Freshmen (ENG 199-M1 and M2) facilitates a quality experience for students to form effective and lasting relationships that will translate to academic and professional success. Our staff is actively involved in students’ academic experience by keeping track of academic progress, grades, and professional interests.

Students can expect to receive advice, preparation, and opportunities in the form of peer & corporate networking and scholarship & internship referrals.  ENG 199 helps students develop a working portfolio that will help help them:

  • Manage academic expectations
  • Develop their academic and personal interests
  • Explore effective learning strategies
  • Track their professional interests and opportunities

Details for ENG 199                                   1 credit hour (free elective)

M150388Tuesdays4:00-5:15 PM
M234391Mondays4:00-5:15 PM

M1     CRN: 50388    Tuesdays          4:00 -5:15 PM

M2     CRN: 34391     Mondays          4:00 -5:15 PM


ENG 199 is a 1-hr class and meets once a week in the fall semester. Space is limited, instructor approval is required.  Students who express interest should contact MEP.