For Engineering-bound MEP Freshmen

ENG 199 (MEP) is a special opportunity to explore engineering with the purpose of preparing for transfer.  This class emphasizes and reinforces the academic and personal expectations for engineering students on campus– particularly for students from backgrounds underrepresented in engineering. Our staff is actively involved in students’ academic experience in collaboration with their assigned advisors.

The ENG 199 mentoring class helps students develop a working portfolio that will help help them:

  • Manage academic expectations
  • Develop their academic and personal interests
  • Explore effective learning strategies
  • Track their professional interests and opportunities
  • Prepare an insightful application for transfer to engineering

Details for ENG 199                      1 credit hour (free elective)

Section MEP:
Fall Semesters: CRN- 48871    Wednesdays 4-5:15 PM

Spring Semesters: CRN- 47138  Mondays at 2-2:50 PM

ENG 199 is a 1-hr class and meets once a week. A special feature of the course is its small class size that allows group interactions and special attention to planning and discussion.  Space is limited.  Students who express interest may register for the class as well as express on this form: